Professional Trainers

For Professional Trainers and Physical Therapists, the COBA Glute Trainer provides a portable, biomechanically-proven workout for their customers at any level. The wide range of workouts and variety of resistance bands enable a beginner to begin reshaping their glutes and thighs and a dedicated fitness enthusiast to see dramatic increases in tone and strength. For Trainers, the COBA Board adds a simple in-gym or at-home device to the toolbox.

As part of Team COBA's commitment to Fitness Professionals we offer two opportunities to accelerate your involvement with the Coba Counterbalance movement:


1. Certified Professionals are eligible for individual discounts. We want you to try the COBA Glute Trainer and share it with your best customers. Just email to exchange your credentials for a checkout discount code.


2. If you are interested in earning commissions on sales to your customers, please click on the link below to view the Team COBA Affiliate application.