Glute Trainer

The fast, effective way to shape, tone and build your glutes. Scroll down for more...

3 reasons Trainers and Therapists Use and Endorse The COBA Glute Trainer...

1. Only COBA allows all eight primary glute exercises

2. 50+ lower and upper body exercises on apps and youtube video

3. Scientifically proven counterbalance design isolates and develops glutes

Lauren Sesselmann

Shape, tone and build your glutes in 10 minutes a day.
The Only Way to Isolate Your Glutes

The COBA Glute Trainer was designed and proven to isolate and develop your glute and hamstring muscles, providing a portable, convenient and highly efficient glute training device to complement your routines.

Tested And Proven

Dr. Scott Lynn, Ph.D., Associate Professor at California State University biomechanically tested the COBA Board counterbalance approach at The Center for Sports Performance, School of Kinesiology in Fullerton, California. Counterbalance squats completed on a 7% incline were more clearly effective than regular squats, lunges and deadlifts. Dr. Lynn published his report in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

Compact, Convenient

The COBA Glute Trainer's counterbalance patented platform is built strong to handle hundred of pounds of force. The thick rubber surface mat makes kneeling comfortable. The ergonomic grips fit all size hands. Weighing just 12 pounds, COBA is easy to store, travel with and use in any size room.

COBA Glute Trainer

Workout Library

One big benefit of The COBA Board Glute Trainer's counterbalance design is versatility. Use it just 10 minutes a day for real results. To help you create your own routines, check out our user video. Use our downloadable APP for almost unlimited workout choices.

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