The COBA Board's patented counterbalance and functional resistance design was scientifically proven to help shape, sculpt, tone and hyper-target difficult to activate glute muscles faster, safer and more effectively than traditional methods.

Squatting alone is not enough. That’s why our product enables you to execute the top 8 glute exercises needed to get your best booty and superior results. The COBA Board also offers over 30 total body resistance training workouts for toned arms, abs & core.

The COBA Story

Founded by Jim Duffy, former Division I hockey player, along with his daughter Jordan Duffy, a lifestyle editor and fitness enthusiast, Pure Glutes LLC developed, tested and patented a more effective way to train your Glutes and hamstrings with the revolutionary COBA Board.

COBA Counterbalance
Glute Trainer

Interview with Jim Duffy, Inventor

I created the COBA Board after a sports injury had me searching for a safe way to strength train my legs without straining my knees,” said Jim Duffy, CEO of Pure Glutes. “After creating the COBA Board Glute Trainer, we had it tested to ensure it was not only safe, but effective at targeting the hard-to-build glutes and hamstrings. We were proven right.

Jim Duffy, Inventor and Founder

COBA Board