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The COBA Board Plus is the ultimate total-body counterbalance training device, scientifically proven to sculpt, tighten, and tone faster, safer, and more effectively than traditional workouts.

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I am a health professional- physical therapist and have found this product to be amazing so far!! Highly recommend to build posterior chain and help prevent injury!

- Ariana M.

The Ultimate At-Home Gym For Total Body Resistance Training

COBA Board Plus puts your body in the perfect position to tone your legs, thighs,
core & booty like never before.

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Build A Strong, Toned and Healthy Physique With The COBA Board Plus

Want a perfect peach butt without putting too much stress on your knees or spending hours at the gym? Try counterbalance resistance training with COBA Board Plus!

COBA Board Plus is scientifically proven to target your glutes and hamstrings, giving you a toned and sculpted lower body. And the best part? Full-body resistance training helps you build and strengthen your arms and core too.

Train smarter, not harder and build your best body ever in just 15 minutes a day!

Scientifically proven to hyper target glutes and legs to sculpt and build your best booty

50 total body resistance training workouts to strengthen and tone arms, abs and core

One device. Endless workout options for at-home training in just 15 minutes a day

Compact. Convenient. Portable. Stay on track with your fitness goals, anytime and anywhere.

Why Is COBA Board Plus The Ultimate At-Home Gym To Sculpt Your Best Body Yet?

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Backed By Science. Trusted By Experts. Customers Are Pumped.


I love how many exercises you can do. Makes focusing on your glutes and hamstrings a breeze.

Callee R.

Love my COBA board

Such an inventive way to get your booty and legs in shape. I love all the helpful videos on the app and the convenience of having my board at home. Highly recommend this piece of equipment for any home gym.

Amanda M.

Love our Coba Board Plus!!

Me and my husband really love our Coba Board Plus!! Definitely do not regret our decision to purchase this because it has become a staple product for us to use in order to tone and sculpt our body and we are very happy and pleased with it!!

Meka C.

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