5 Reasons Why You Need COBA Board Plus to Build Your Best Butt & Body Ever


Scientifically Proven to Activate the Glutes & Hamstrings

COBA Board Plus is scientifically proven to activate your glutes and hamstrings, faster, safer, and more effectively than traditional workouts. So you can easily enhance your curves and build your best body ever in less than 15 minutes a day!


Reduces Pressure on Knees

Too much wear and tear on your knees doing traditional exercises? COBA Board Plus targets your  glutes and hamstrings to reduce stress on your knees and keep the focus right where you want it.


7° Incline Puts Your Body In the Optimal Position

COBA Board Plus' 7° incline ensures your body is in the optimal position to target your glutes and build a perfect peach butt!


Get Your Whole Body Fit With COBA Board Plus

COBA Board Plus makes it easier than ever to build your best body yet. 8 primary exercises are specifically designed to target your glutes, abs and upper body, to create a strong and curvy physique at home - all in one device.


Go Deeper Into the World of COBA

Download the free COBA app for instructional videos, workout classes, and more! Take your fitness to the next level by trying out workouts with renowned celebrity trainers like Beyonce’s Dance Captain, Ashley Everett and Jay Burton!

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