3 Workouts You Can Do At Home With The Coba Board Plus™ To Get Your Best Butt & Body Ever!


The Coba Squat

Traditional squats aren’t cutting it on your quest to build the perfect butt? Try the Coba Squat!

Our patented 7-degree incline puts your body in the optimal position to target your booty. This is scientifically proven to activate your glutes and hamstring muscles more effectively without overtraining your quads and putting stress on your knees! PLUS, Sculpt & Tone your legs and thighs like never before!

Hop on your board and easily form your perfect peach butt!


The Coba Chest Press

Forget about gyms, heavy weights, barbells and pull-ups.

The Coba Chest Press is a super cool resistance cord workout designed to build ultra-toned arms! It targets all the muscles in your upper body (biceps, triceps, back and shoulders) so you can up your fitness game and build some serious muscle. 

What’re you waiting for? Sculpt those arms!


The Coba Standing Tricep Kickback

You will be really feeling it with this one.

This workout targets your triceps and tones those hard to reach under arms. Regardless of your fitness level, get ready to feel the burn!

The Coba Board Plus™ provides endless full-body workout options and is endorsed by athletes, personal trainers and physical therapists. It’s perfect for building your best butt and body ever. Get yours today!