Despite its name, The COBA Glute Trainer may be the most versatile workout tool on the market. The configuration of the board and variety of Resistance Bands allow an almost unlimited number of routines containing hundreds of lower and upper body exercise options. In fact, even doing counterbalance squats on the COBA Board tones the abs, arms shoulders and back, while deactivating the quads. This way you get the maximum glute burn, no increase in quad size and a full body toning benefit during virtually every workout.

When compared to other devices, there is no contest. The COBA Board is the most compact, versatile and effective home workout device for all levels of fitness. Obviously, almost any device can be used to exert some resistance, but only COBA has formalized proven routines including over 50 exercises on a free iOS and Android app as well as in dozens of free YouTube videos. 

The chart below provides a quick comparison. 

To activate your glutes more effectively and take advantage of a fast, convenient full body workout, choose the COBA Board.